5th Spelling Bee Contest at Universidad de Boyacá

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Junio 15 de 2023
5th Spelling Bee Contest at Universidad de Boyacá

On April 23rd, the 5th Spelling Bee Contest was successfully held at Auditorium 2 in Building 10.

The event, which brought together students from different semesters, was highlighted by the exciting competition and linguistic talent displayed by the participants.

The contest, which aims to promote the use of English in real contexts, saw the participation of over 30 students who faced off in several rounds of spelling increasingly challenging words. The students demonstrated incredible skill in spelling difficult words and displayed remarkable courage in the face of the challenge.

After intense and fiercely contested rounds, the judges finally selected the three winners of the contest for both Tunja and Sogamoso Campus:


Tunja Campus:

1 Beginners: Sara Juliana Wilches Solano - Ingeniería en Multimedia

2 Intermediate: María Paula Molina Riaño - Medicina

3 Jorge Luis Avella - Ingeniería en Multimedia


Sogamoso Campus:

1 Beginners: Julieth Vanessa Álvarez Alvarado - Derecho y Ciencias Políticas

2 Intermediate: Ana María Guerrero Estupiñan - Administración de Empresas

3 Advanced: Laura Nataly Montaña Torres - Derecho y Ciencias Políticas


This Annual Spelling Bee Contest was not only an opportunity to showcase the students' skills but also to promote the importance of the use of the foreign language in academic development.